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EJPR back in the top 10 and EPS continues its ascent 07/08/2014

The Thomson Reuters Social Sciences Citation Index for 2013 has now been published and its good news for the ECPR’s journals. The increase in the EJPR’s Impact Factor has been such that it is now back in the top 10 – at number 8, with a 56% increase on 2012. EPS, the ECPR’s professional journal, received its highest Impact Factor to date and a move up in the rankings from 118 to 69.

Unfortunately, the news from EPSR was not so good with a fall from last year’s high, but preliminary analysis shows that the figures were very strongly influenced by the movement out of the impact factor window of one particular article - Vivien Schmidt’s ‘Taking ideas and discourse seriously: explaining change through discursive institutionalism’ from issue 2:1 (2010), which has received 80 citations to date!

Call for Paper proposals for the 2015 Joint Sessions of Workshops 01/08/2014

The Joint Sessions of Workshops will be held in the bustling and vibrant city of Warsaw. The Workshops are highly valued by political and social scientists across the World for its unique format encouraging scholars to gather and discuss their research in a focused environment. With each Workshop limited to 15-20 participants, each Paper can benefit from thorough discussion.

Workshops have been approved and Paper proposals can now be submitted. Proposals must be submitted through the online form. The deadline for Paper proposals is 1 December 2014. If you have any further questions, please email Marcia Taylor at 

Deliberative Mini-PublicsThis collection of essays, edited by Kimmo Grönlund, André Bächtiger and Maija Setälä, makes up the first book-length account of the booming phenomenon of mini-publics.

The authors offer a systematic review of the variety of mini-publics, discuss their weaknesses, and recommend ways to make them a viable component of democracy.

Contributions take stock of deliberative mini-publics' diverse practices and, more concretely, look at their preconditions, processes, and outcomes. They also provide a critical assessment of, in particular, mini-publics' lack of policy impact. 

Bringing together leading scholars in the field, notably James S Fishkin and Mark E Warren, Deliberative Mini-Publics will speak to anyone with an interest in democracy and democratic innovations. 

Last chance to register for the ECPR Summer School 16/07/2014

Essential to progressing in your academic career, the Summer School offers intermediate level programmes covering the qualitative and quantitative spectrum. In addition, computer software courses are held prior to the main courses so you have ample time to get up to speed. A diverse range of experienced Instructors supported by dedicated Teaching Assistants will guide and support you throughout the School.

Take a look at the Course List now. The deadline for registration is 17 July 2014. For further information please contact Denise Chapman.